Monday, 1 June 2009

Housing Policy Politics

As the consultation of Reading residents in privately rented housing comes to a conclusion Oxford-based Labour parliamentary hopeful Anneliese Dodds has offered her contribution to the process with the publication of a 'twelve-point plan'.

Ms Dodds has been using her suggestions to gain publicity to help her campaign to speak for residents, but some locals are unhappy that she has hijacked the process for political gain rather than encouraging actual residents to speak for themselves on a council matter.

LibDem housing scrutiny chair Cllr Benson reports that she is 'delighted' that every recommendation of the panel set up on her initiative to listen to the views of local people has been accepted by council officers.

She also argues for Labour councillors to support the advice gathered from the public (at some effort and expense) to ensure recent and future 'Have Your Say' meetings are meaningful events, not a grandstand for party politicking.

Cllr Benson's active advocacy for housing issues is also noted and has recently gained the backing of all parties to join the national coalition of councils in the Campaign for Fair and Local Housing Finance, which would end the governments's 'tax on tenancy' to enable reinvestment in public housing stocks.

Oranjepan says:
With her recent 'seven-point plan' on expenses to add to this 'twelve-point plan', Ms Dodds is running out of numbers to show she can intervene effectively or in anybody's interests except her own.

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