Sunday, 31 May 2009

Who Is Your Hardest Working Councillor?

Local LibDems have been cock-a-hoop with the release of Acolaid figures showing the amount of casework undertaken by councillors across Reading Borough.

Daisy Benson says she is proud of the effort put in by the LibDem team which they fit in around their normal day-jobs because they "get a lot of satisfaction from helping local residents and from campaigning to improve our area."

Warren Swaine reminds us that the national scandal over dodgy expense claims may be blinding us to the actual value for money provided by the different sides and points out that LibDems in Reading do on average twice-as-much as the typical Labour representative and almost three-times-as-much as Conservatives.

A similar point is made by Cllr Goodall as he preemts criticisms from opponents that use of the casework figures is an unreliable measure. He says that the Acolaid system is designed to enable progress can be tracked and this helps ensure more effective responses.

Meanwhile over in Henley, Conservative councillors are facing criticism from LibDems over their decision to stop reporting of attendance at council meetings. Tories branded the reports "inaccurate" and "a waste of time", saying the quality of work was more important than the quantity.

Oranjepan says:
Whether it is quality or quantity you are after, without authorative statistical information to back up the claims of each party how will voters ever expect to make an informed decision!


For full details of 'Who is Reading's Hardest Working Councillor?' click here (see sidebar).


  1. LibDem propaganda - you can prove anything with statistics.

  2. So do RBC publish the attendance rates of councillors to meetings?

  3. Hilarious to watch the various Tories spin their way out of this one. Aren't these genuine RBC statistics showing how much casework for actual people the various councillors do?

  4. It maybe Lib Dem propaganda to some, but it also proves that Tony Page works damn hard as well.

    It is also a fact that during councillor induction you are told to make sure that ALL your casework goes through the Accolaid system.

    You can get councillor attendance figures for meetings from an FoI request. I know several people have done so.

  5. Hi Was,
    do you think that Acolaid data, attendance figures and allowances expenditure should be published as a matter of course?

    Openness in the course of public is a democratic service too.


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