Saturday, 23 May 2009

Bracknell MP Andrew Mackay To Stand Down

Controversial Conservative Bracknell MP Andrew Mackay has reversed his overnight position of intending to seek relection at the next General Election and has announced he will stand down, thereby denying members of his party or the public a chance to vote him out of office.

The stalwart Conservative had previously offered apologies for his behaviour, but said he didn't want the public to be 'distracted' from the real issues facing the country.

Bracknell News reports that this change of heart comes after a conversation with Conservative leader David Cameron, insisting that Friday night's public meeting had nothing to do with his decision. This is despite Mr Cameron earlier stating that reselection or reelection should be a matter for local party members and voters.

Mark Thompson is dismisses Mr MacKay's statement as ignoring the fact of the weight of opinion against him, saying it is obvious that the meeting must have at least been a contributing factor - either Mr MacKay is being disingenuous or is simply blind.

Bracknell Blog collects an excellent selection of reports: Radio Bracknell editor John Hicks says Mr MacKay's time is up; The Independent reports that residents have "no desire to represented by a theif"; while membership blog ConservativeHome has a chorus of disapproval against Mr MacKay.

Paul Walter draws our attention to a Have I got News For You in which Mr MacKays wife and Conservative Bromsgrove MP, Julie Kirkbride (who is herself facing renewed calls to stand down) in which the matter of double-claiming expenses was brought to her attention 3 years ago.

Caversham Conservative councillor, Richard Willis gives the matter perfunctory attention in a seeming attempt to sweep the matter under the carpet, while the common voice of local Conservatives is expressed by Wat Tyler, who says similar attention should be focused on all individual members who have behaved in such a disreputable manner.


Update: Howard Thomas has his say, suggesting Mr MacKay should be prosecuted for the fraud he has perpetrated.

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  1. There will be quite a number of scalps in this matter. MPs that have behaved in this manner have by and large made their positions untenable and it is a question of whether they fall on their swords , are de-selected , or are voted out!
    Whichever way the public are determined to see the wrong doers gone.
    Julie Kirkbride could well be next.


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