Friday, 22 May 2009

Political Battle Mars Gurkha Campaign Success

The endgame of the campaign to win Gurkhas justice in their attempt to gain equal settlement rights for those who retired from service before 1997 has been played out with the government making a complete U-turn on previous policy.

It has been a remarkable defeat for Gordon Brown which has been masked by the diplomatic magnanimity of Joanna Lumley. But on a local level politicians have been active in their attempts to provide deeper philosophical analysis.

Martin Salter claims credit for the campaign quoting Gurkha solicitor Tim Heaver who said it was the Reading West MP who "persuaded the Government to rethink its settlement policy," gushing that such praise is evidence that it is "the highlight of his political career."

Reading LibDems are 'hearty' in their praise for the Gurkhas, wishing them a "happy and prosperous future," but are angry that attention should be distracted by "discredited Labour sycophant" Martin Salter, who they say has disgracefully used the multi-party campaign as a platform for self-promotion.

Former Salter colleague Jane Griffiths is unabashed in her criticism, sarcastically noting his 'doughty' campaigning which involved abstaining on the critical parliamentary vote while attaching his name to any press or publicity material available.

Craig Morley takes the more reserved Conservative view on behalf of Rob Wilson, reiterating the traditional speechwriterly line about these fierce Nepalese warriers, "don’t fight the Gurkhas… you’ll only lose!"


Update: In a not unexpected move Martinsnottheone calls Mr Salter a hypocrite.


More on the Gurkha residency campaign.

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