Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Filling Martin's Boots

It was much anticipated, but with the Speaker of the House Of Commons forced from office for the first time since 1695 after failing to reassure the commoners that he could be trusted with much-needed reforms to house expenses procedures, eyes have now turned to potential replacements for Mr Martin with questions being asked about who is prepared 'fill his boots' (and, needless to say, stockings and garters too).

Members from all sides have been mooted. Notable candidates include North-west Hampshire's George Young and current deputy Speaker Sir Alan Haselhurst from the Conservative benches, as well as former deputy leader of the LibDems Sir Alan Beith.

It is not expected that convention will be defied and a Labour MP will be dragged to the chair for the third time in succession, so Frank Field or another firebrand government backbencher should be discounted. But as The Daily Pundit says, with rumours suggesting local Reading West MP Martin Salter as a dark horse, despite having already announced he will stand down and an ongoing selection process for the Labour candidacy in the seat, "stranger things have happened".

Tradition dictates that the speaker should not actively campaign for the job of presiding over the democratic house, so it will be smoke and mirrors all the way.

It should also be noted that the Speaker's seat is uncontested during General Elections.


Update: Apparently Martin Salter is supporting Conservative MP John Bercow to be the new Speaker.


  1. Just what Salter always wanted

  2. Please God, nooooooooooooooo

  3. And Salter has been on the radio so much recently being angry about expenses so his profile as a 'reformer' must be higher

  4. If they go for an interim Speaker this could happen...


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