Friday, 1 May 2009

Pressure Grows On Labour MP

Gurkha campaigners continue to show an indomidable spirit in the face of the enemy as they thanked supporters for helping force the embarassing climbdown by the government.

The defeat of the government over its refusal to lift restrictions on the settlement of Gurkhas has seen an overwhelming show of support for the opposition but now the pack is asking questions about those who act in our name, or at least who promise as much but don't deliver.

Focus has settled on local Labour MP Martin Salter who has attracted plenty of publicity (see photo and here) on the populist issue.

With a significant population of Nepalese nationals resident locally it was seen as a natural fit for Mr Salter to chair the parliamentary group to fight for Gurkha rights within the heart of our democracy at Westminster.

However when push came to shove during the parliamentary vote Mr Salter failed to represent the views of those he volunteered to speak on behalf of while continuing to benefit from their gracious hospitality and hard work.

Reading List first published the opinion that Mr Salter's continuance in his position of chair of the parliamentary group is now untenable and this has now been repeated by public figures of all political colours.

Conservative councillor Richard Willis has commented that "Martin Salter has lost all credibility on the issue of Gurkha rights" and said "he cannot continue as Chairman of the Parliamentary group". Cllr Willis described Mr Salter's behaviour as a "betrayal" of the Gurkhas, of which he ought to be "ashamed".

LibDem councillor Warren Swaine said every MP who didn't support the campaign should be ashamed but reserved his contempt for Mr Salter, who he lampoons through his satirical alter-ego, explaining Salter has made a mockery of himself and democracy.

Green candidate Adrian Windisch also calls the Reading West MP a hypocrite and adds a list of other pet peeves.

Meanwhile anonymous pro-democrat Martinsnottheone describes the situation as a new hypocritical low for Mr Salter.


Update: Jane Griffiths highlights more of Mr Salter's inconsistencies.

LibDem PPC for Reading West, Cllr Patrick Murray says 'Martin Salter put loyalty to Brown before loyalty to the Gurkhas'.

Paul Walter launches a full-barrelled attack on Salter.

Oranjepan says:
The Khukuris are out for Mr Salter!


More on the Gurkha residency campaign.


  1. Blimey! Cllr Chris Maskell "tooled up"! It must have been a very big cake to need such a big knife.

  2. Salter is the goon on the right. Literally and politically.

  3. Martin Salter would go to the opening of an envelope if there was a photographer present. Good riddance to the defender of Ryeish Green School and the Tilehurst Allotments - stick to your own kind - trout.

    Whilst at it - let's off load the rest of the arseholes at Reading Borough Council - if you're not on benefits - you're not one of the chosen in Reading, Berkshire.

  4. Gideonmack , paragraph 2 of yur comment. Man after my own heart..should be a campaign motto!


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