Monday, 11 May 2009

The Final Load

The local blogosphere has been rocked by the news of the demise of anonymous cult satirist Mick Spreader, who has announced he is to 'hang up his keyboard'.

Independent Cllr Tony Jones writes a bad poem in eulogy, while Cllr Goodall picks out several of his best moments in rememberance of good times past.

Mick signs off with this final quote and warning:
"Reading now has a burgeoning local blog network so hopefully someone else will take up the mantle of poking fun at the pompous, the smug and the jobsworths of Reading and continue to expose lies and hypocrisy where they see it.

Don't leave it to the press!"


  1. Thanks Mick,will oblige. In the making...

  2. Please NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    'Mick' brought a ray of light into every day with his brand of humour - what'll we doe now???

  3. Hi Anon, don't forget to get in touch and advertise your site - more new additions to my Reading List are always welcomed.

  4. Call that rubbish satire? Not even Standards Boarded once.

    Bloody wimp!


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