Saturday, 2 May 2009

Jail For Six In Slough 'Ghost Voter' Trial

Paul Walter reports that the 6 men convicted of electoral fraud in Slough have been given custodial sentences of between four months and four-and-a-half years.

Three of the men admitted the crime, while another three were convicted by a jury.

Two other men, including former Conservative deputy Mayor Mohammed Aziz, were cleared of conspiracy after the jury was unable to reach a verdict, but prosecutors will not seek their retrial.

Hundreds of false names were created by the men in the weeks running up to the 2007 local election as they registered them at a succession of rental and non-existent properties. These new additions were then used to effect a shock upset in the Slough Central ward where Conservative Raja Khan unseated respected veteran Labour councillor Lydia Simmons. Mr Khan has since been expelled from his party.

Electoral Commission chief executive Peter Wardle offered the reassurance that although this type of crime is relatively rare the sentence passed demonstrates the seriousness with which it is treated, saying "we want every voter to be confident that their vote is secure."

Similar accusations have been made elsewhere across the county, most notably relating to the 2005 local elections in Reading's Redlands ward when the now departed chief exectutive of Reading Borough Council Trish Haines concluded that "the irregularities did not have an impact on the overall results."

Oranjepan says:
If the public is to have confidence in the system all frauds should be prosecuted to ensure there are no future irregularities. To let one go sends entirely the wrong message.


Update: Howard Thomas offers some reactionary common sense.


History: Case Opens; Convictions Gained.


  1. I confess that I am surprised at the severity of the sentences. I approve of these people getting custodial sentences, if only to send out a message to any others who are tempted, but there was no violence or theft, so four and a half years seems a bit excessive.

    (On the other hand, they are all Tories, so what the hell........)

  2. Betcha Willis won't be commenting on this! Strange how his 'musings' range far and wide until he hits upon a little local tory difficulty next door and then suddenly it's nothing to do with him. Same old Tories eh?

    Still, this will take some of them off the streets.

  3. To Anonymous at 20:16

    I don't think you understand - this will put MORE of them onto the streets! When they were stuffing the Electoral Roll in Slough (and Bradford?) they could do it in the privacy of their own homes. Now they wil have to go out and meet people, talk to them, canvass, and steal other peoples postal votes rather than make their own.

  4. Dammmmmmn.....I missed that. Curses.

  5. Nah, they might force their kids onto the streets more often, but proper tories are still scared of getting out of their Beemers and walking around the ghetto.

  6. Not surprised, it stinks in those Ghettos and so do the people!

  7. What, even in the rich ghettos like Cav Heights?

  8. Well you will have to ask that to the Labour lot who live there and whether the Capuccino and Latte odours is anything to compare..Add this to Dettol as well.


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