Thursday, 14 May 2009

Bracknell Tory MP Resigns After Exposure Of Expense Abuses

With the continuing drip-drip of information being released to the public by the Daily Telegraph ahead of the full publication by parliamentary authorities, Conservative MP for Bracknell, Andrew MacKay has become the first victim of the expenses scandal.

Mr MacKay resigned from his role as parliamentary adviser to party leader David Cameron after it was revealed he claimed over £22,000 last year for his second home allowance while his wife and Conservative MP for Bromsgrove, Julie Kirkbride, claimed similar amounts for another property also designated as a second home - while they both continued living together!

Mr MacKay apologised profusely after being found out only one day after telling the Bracknell Standard he believed there was nothing 'unreasonable' in his claims, saying it was an "error of judgement".

It emerges that Mr MacKay and his wife have both been claiming the full amounts of their second home allowance for "eight or nine years".

Mr MacKay subsequently told the BBC that he would answer to his constituents for his behaviour, although Mr Cameron has threatened to expel members who didn't repay excessive claims and he may be deselected in the meantime anyway.

Last year he opposed the Conservative whip to reject reform of the expenses system.


To view the interview in which Mr MacKay attempts to provide an explanation, click here.

Conservative party leader David Cameron says in an interview that it was the 'right' decision for Mr MacKay to resign as his aide.

Andrew Neil interviews a contrite Andrew MacKay on the Daily Politics in which he accepts he may repay as much as £1/4m and says "makes him look rather foolish".

Click here for full coverage of details surrounding Mr MacKay's resignation.


Update: LibDem PPC for Bracknell, Ray Earwicker, has commented that it is "no wonder Andrew Mackay voted to keep his second-home allowance last year," and estimates Mr MacKay has claimed £285,000 towards the cost of his £2m home in London.

He also calls for a full explanation "for the way in which he has exploited the current arrangements".

Paul Walter does his sums and works out how much Mr MacKay has ripped the taxpayer off for. Though there's no charge for this accountancy service.

Mark Reckons is "absolutely disgusted" by the behaviour of his representative. He calls for his MP to seek a new mandate from voters by forcing a by-election which will enable residents to give their verdict.

Mark previously wrote to Mr MacKay and received a reply regarding his opinion why he opposed reform of the expense system.

He also reports BBC South's Peter Henley's comment that the Madejski Stadium may be the only venue with sufficient capacity to satisfy public demand!

Bracknell Blogs asks 'how could he not know what he was doing was wrong?' and also calls for a by-election to be held.

Radio Bracknell publishes a statement by Mr MacKay advertising the public meeting to be held next Friday, 22nd May. Time and location as yet unknown.

David Cameron: "Clearly it is very embarassing; a very bad case."

Andrew MacKay mobbed by journalists.


  1. I am amazed he thought it was OK. And I am amazed that he opposed reform of the system. THis man is totally out of touch with reality.

  2. More good news for the tories!

  3. If he is capable of repaying that much money why did he claim it in the first place?

  4. Very good point OP. I will ask him that during the meeting he is arranging for next week.

  5. "an error of judgement"----my translation-----cheating bastard!!

  6. Is he wearing a wig?


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