Friday, 11 November 2011

Recommended Reading List #57

While the controversial aspects of poppy-wearing have caused consternation in the footballing world, Berkshire's own Internet Psychologist, Graham Jones, provides the best tribute to rememberance of the cause for which so many people have fought and died throughout the years.

He argues we should be proud even of all the 'rubbish and nastiness' we find online, because this is a perfect demonstration of the freedoms which we possess thanks only to the millions who made the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf.

Without condoning any of the 'disgusting, sickening and criminal behaviour' that we can become all too familiar with, he says, this is "a testament to the free society in which we live" because our ability to campaign against and reduce the nastiness we find in life simply would not exist without defending the right of those who wish to engage in it.


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