Friday, 15 May 2009

Tributes Flow After Principled Resignation

"I feel it is the best thing, for both the club and myself, for me to leave," said Steve Coppell in a statement as he stepped down from his position as manager of Reading FC earlier this week.

Suggestions of his imminent departure had been circulating for weeks as the team ran out of steam in it's promotion bid, failing to win any of it's last nine home games, before being knocked out with home and away losses in the play-offs.

Commentator Paul Fletcher says he expected the brand of attractive football fostered by Coppell at Reading would see the team bounce back from relegation from the premiership at the first attempt. He adds that this style all seems to stem from the "steady calm and sense of equilibrium [which] surrounds his sides."

Meanwhile the fans response is one of inevitable resignation. Disappointed, but praising the virtues of the man as he steps down with his pride intact. He was "honest, intelligent and highly principled; we may not see his like again."

Local MPs were quick to capitalise on Coppell's departure by grandstanding in Parliament.

Rob Wilson MP and Martin Salter MP tabled a joint Early Day Motion praising Coppell's exemplary conduct and his display of "honesty, decency, modesty, and professionalism" in the service of his team and community.

Oranjepan says:
If only we could expect the same level of integrity from all public figures and representatives.


Related reading: RRL#5 BBC's Paul Fletcher praises Coppell's management style.


  1. Stevie Coppell for PM!

  2. "Like every Reading fan..."

    Salter is exactly the sort of person who makes real footballer supporters sick. He was a Brentford fan. It proves that hitching himself to any passing bandwagon is nothing new.

    For his sins, at least Rob Wilson still declares himself as being an Arsenal fan. I've not seen him at the Emirates though!

  3. Would you if you have as many kids as he has..Would cost a fortune! And no claiming back! come on Was give the "family man" a break. At least he is not claiming second home allowance. Although I understand neither is Salter. Methinks not right for a scumbag like him..


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