Thursday, 21 May 2009

Mayor-making Turns Political

In a sign of the volatile political mood Reading's annual meeting saw a break with convention as local LibDems fed-up with the obscure and archane machinations of bad government fed off public anger at the corrupt system by attempting to overturn the political direction in our borough.

Conservatives were caught off-guard by a procedural motion to prevent reconfirmation of the current minority Labour administration, which will now continue for another 12 months due to the lack of elections this year.

Cllr Willis complains that their lack of backroom dealing meant his party hadn't had time to consider the ramifications or fix a result as he gets lost in the details of the ceremonial ritual. He "imagines" some common ground could have been found to accomodate a mutual desire to oust Labour policy-makers, but admits his party's intransigence meant he was unable to get his wish.

Reading LibDem councillors Warren Swaine and Glenn Goodall launched a scathing attack on the self-interested duopoly operated by the two establishment parties.

Cllr Goodall points out that the Conservatives are left with egg on their faces as despite their protestations they actually voted to reinstall the discredited Labour adminstration and are, in effect, 'propping them up'.

Cllr Swaine highlights the inconsistency of his opponents, whose "usual blustering and pomposity... once again proved themselves not fit to run the town," - not least because they either haven't read the council constitution or don't understand it's implications and how it applies.

Meanwhile one former local candidate for the Conservative party is vociferous in his opinion that Labour are past their sell-by date and credibility needs to return to our politics, although it is not clear whether he thinks this also applies to Reading where Labour has been in power for 23 years.


  1. I thought the Tories were on their guard and voted for what they wanted - a Labour administration....?

  2. You may think that I couldn't possible comment.

  3. Tories have never been interested in social change, just feathering their own beds.

  4. thomas "social change" big word eh! give us your definition please..

  5. or two words even

  6. Britain needs a regime change but he Libdims are, well, libdims, the tories are all building moats and labour have run out of steam - oh shit.

  7. Constructive move "building moats": protecting this island from all problem with that, is there?


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