Friday, 26 June 2009

Representation Of The People In Action

Council sessions are where the different sides of the popular political debate face each other on the issues of the day, so it's not surprising that emotions often run high and opinions get heated - as can be seen by the reactions.

The two areas of greatest contention during this week's four-and-a-half hour meeting were clearly a discussion of the borough's community policy regarding efforts to tackle violent extremism in the town and the motion to impose a requirement to conduct criminal checks on councillors.

Labour's national plan designed to nip the causes of terrorism in the bud introduced at the local level were roundly criticised by all sides for their potential to do the exact opposite of what is hoped. Cllr Jamie Chowdhary said "If ever a document qualified for the charge of inciting racial hatred, then this is it," and argued that it was likely to "isolate, stigmatise and alienate" the sections of society which it was designed to build goodwill amongst.

Conservative Peppard councillor Richard Willis shows some of his lingering bitterness as he gives the fullest run-down of events.

Meanwhile Conservative blogger Wat Tyler ramps up the invective by stating how this shows Labour to be 'institutionally racist' as a whole and that the local group lacks the 'political spine' to do anything but the bidding for it's national masters.

Tyler argues that Labour has singularly failed according to their own standards and orffers the hope that his party are capable of successfully fulfilling that duty when they are expected to gain a majority next year.

LibDem Katesgrove councillor Warren Swaine could not be less convinced, describing a threatened walk-out and swift U-turn by the Conservatives' on their own motion as an example of the state of their party - he says their action was a 'complete shambles' and thinks the town will need a blessing from on high if expectations of a tory victory are realised!


Update: LibDem group leader Cllr Kirsten Bayes explained the reasons for their abstention on the extremism vote, saying,"this initiative is starting from the wrong place, and is looking at the problem in the wrong way."

Oranjepan says:
Party differences in both style and substance are once again to the fore.


  1. Violent extremism - in brackets, (muslims) - the Asian community in Reading is well established and hard working - setting a policy on (muslim) extremists is foolsh, unnecessary and finger pointing.

  2. It's all right for Warren Swayne to say nothing during the proceedings ( just in case he gets implicated) then twist facts to suit his version..remember one of his acolytes doing just that at the last Locals on my doorstep, got sent packing for spreading rumours. Hope that person does not turn up next year, might just save up a few Nokias..

  3. Thanks for the comment Anon,
    please can you provide some detail, otherwise you are doing what you criticise others for - spreading rumours.


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