Sunday, 7 June 2009

Top Of The Berkshire Blogs

When creating a ranking order popularity is only one measure to look at. Another, more reliable measure, is influence - as used by Wikio.

Here is a rundown of Berkshire's best blogs for May 2009 with their national rankings, according to Wikio:

#22 John Redwood's Diary
#58 Boulton & Co.
#68 Mark Reckons
#343 Richard Willis's Blog
#471 Redlands Libdems
#493 Reading List
#548 Scaryduck
#567 Bracknell Blog
#1376 Beasley's Place
#3924 Sloughtownsoapbox
#4498 Ticking To A Different Tock
#5834 Windsor Judo Club
#6083 Windsor Fire Station
#6793 EJBC
#8908 Libertarian Party South East
#11242 Reading Roars

Of course not every blog is listed, so Wikio's rankings can hardly be described as definitive. Reading List therefore encourages all bloggers to participate and apply to add their blog to the Wikio directory - the more the merrier!

If you want to be ranked you can add your blog here:

Don't forget to let Reading List know if you want to be added to the community.


  1. Wow! Congratulations to everybody!

  2. Thanks for doing that OP, that must have been quite a lot of work!

    So my next target is to try and overtake Boulton and co eh!?

    Incidentally, how do they qualify as Berkshire based? I thought they were in London.

  3. Hiya all,
    thanks and thanks again - I couldn't do any of it without you, so you've only got yourselves to thank/blame!
    Now get listed and we'll see how high we can get your blogs ranked!

  4. Hi Mark,
    the link is a bit tenuous really, but Adam Boulton and Charlie Brooker were both born in Reading, apparently, so I thought that was enough of a valid reason...
    it was only really when I discovered this fact that I thought it was worth writing my own stories to compare and contrast what each side was saying, because they provide a bit of respectability to the full spectrum of opinion I collect and synthesise.


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