Sunday, 28 June 2009

The Different Sides Of The Prostitution Debate

A recent increase in on-street prostitution around Reading West station has lead to a concerted publicity campaign to communicate the dangers of the trade.

Apprently Reading has establised "such a reputation in the vice trade that the town is attracting an influx of prostitutes from other areas" and saturation levels of streetwalkers are causing greater numbers to take their clientele to the suburbs to perform transactions.

Jo Daly (who has the odd job title of 'anti-social behaviour co-ordinator') pontificated that this may be a consequence of the credit crunch, while Police reasserted a common dictum that the women who ply the trade are the 'real victims'.

Pastor of the Reading Family Church Sean Green has expressed his concern with the ongoing problem by preaching for toleration and offering prayers for the sex-workers and punters, while NHS Berkshire West recently gave £30,000 funding to support a project run by the Christian charity The Mustard Tree Foundation which advocates on behalf of prostitutes.

The announcements have caused views to polarise on this controversial subject, with a variety of different solutions from around the globe cited as examples of possible solutions, including the introduction of toleration zones away from residential areas and the legalisation of brothel-work.

Gieon Mack's typically scabrous dissection of the news is once again in evidence as he shows no sympathy for either the prostitutes or authorities who ride-roughshod through the lives of residents.

He sarcastically contrasts the comment of a crime reduction officer who says it is "too early to say" why the town is a regional centre for on-street prostitution, with the popular rejoicing taking place now that Police and the borough council have again advertised the city's status tenth year as a 'centre of excellence' for the trade. Hmm.

In contradiction of the official statements however, the Oxford Road Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) simultaneously reassured residents that none of this is necessary as the problem has actually reduced as civil authorities have learnt to work better together.


Update: Gideon Mack takes the matter personally - is politics a matter of personality?

Oranjepan asks:
Who is really whoring who out here? If civil authorities are working well together, why are they contradicting each other? Is this a deliberate campaign of misinformation? And if so, by whom, for whose benefit?


  1. What a job to have on your CV: "anti-social behaviour co-ordinator."

    I didn't know Reading was a hotspot for prostitution.

  2. I once believed the Thames Valley Police wanted to help the residents combat prostitution but now realise that they want to keep it right where it is as it's confined and easy to manage.

    The boring yawn "the girls are the victims in this' is an insult to the Council Tax (and Police Authority) paying residents of the area.

    Why aren't the residents the victims? Why don't the Police care about them? Why is everyone chucking out free condoms and prayers to law breakers?

    Forget the Police and Courts - you'll only ever be disappointed - shame.

  3. Reading doesn't need hos - just go to any of the pubs where the drunk girls are giving it away

  4. the police either don't know how to deal with it or don't want to deal with it - the result is the same - the residents get shit on - the Police saying its the girls who are the victims is spitting in the face of decent honest people - ship the whores off to Sonning or Caversham - see - gets some attention then doeasn't it?

    TVP and RBC like the whores in West Reading and have comtempt for people who don't like it as it goeas against the lefty wank do gooder grain.

  5. skanks on the street, skanks in the corridors of power


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