Monday, 8 June 2009

Election Special: European Elections General Analysis

Top local blogger Mark Reckons provided a excellent live comment platform for as-it-happened reaction.

For the pro-Euro view has a neat, well-designed mini-site.

BBC publishes the most wide-ranging and well-rounded selection of reports on UK events, insisting the 43-44% turnout 'punished the left' across the continent. The main stories are covered from each party's perspective on events.

Unsurprisngly John Redwood takes the opposite view to the national broadcaster and can't conceal the bitterness in his tone as he tries to weigh up the results.

On the one hand he argues closed-list proportional representational elections lead to fragmentation of parties and drives voters to choose more extreme parties, while subsequently despairing of the 'centre-right victory' - which he says is a victory for centralising federalists - and also stating that the majority were for Euro-sceptic parties.

Europe is obviously a topic which keeps Mr Redwood awake at night, so maybe it's sleep-deprivation causing him to self-affirm his wishful thinking.

Sky New's anchorman Adam Boulton concentrates of the implications of the Euro vote for the UK government.

Meanwhile Skylarking raises a smile at the pointlessness of trying to decipher a precise message delivered when an electorate of hundreds of millions has our collective say.

For a comprehensive round-up try delving into Google News, which has aggregated well over 500 articles up to the time of writing.


Update: Andrew Tattersall gives an insight into the voting procedures in France with a selection of photos.


  1. But how did Jean-Louis's Roman Party do? did they get over 33 votes this time?

  2. PS
    thanks for your work in rounding up opinion and analyses for us, your devoted readership.

  3. The Roman Party got 134 votes in Reading.

  4. The Roman Party Ave! got 5450 votes in the whole of the South East!


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