Thursday, 4 June 2009

It's Always Stay, Stay, Stay

As the selection process nears it's climax to decide who will replace veteran MP Martin Salter as Labour's next candidate in Reading West, calls are mounting for him to reconsider.

Local commentators suggest a hint of desperation is in the air as none of the list of possible alternatives appear likely to be able mount a challenge to hold the seat Mr Salter won last time round with a 4,500 majority - as readers can see for yourselves, frontrunners were already resorting to self-defence in the press rather than promoting any principles they stand for before the shortlist was announced.

Former Labour colleague, Jane Griffiths, finds such a development highly dubious and points out the likelihood that it is a manufactured ruse to get Mr Salter reinstated - a high probablilty considering the close links between the prominent local politician and the media outlet it appeared in.

LibDem opponents are even more scathing. Cllr Warren Swaine suggests such a ploy is a final attempt to save the Labour party's skin and avoid complete meltdown. Quoting a long-time Salter ally who holds a key position in the local party, he argues "It could be the first time a rat has joined a sinking ship!"

Update: Jane takes aim again, explaining that it would indeed be an exceptional circumstance for Mr Salter to be added to the ballot at this late stage. Cllr Swaine suggests Salter is merely keeping his career options open. Mr Salter himself says he is looking forward to offering the benefit of his experience to charity.

Wendy suggests these problems may all just be a simple mix-up of language! Okay, then.

Oranjepan says:
It is interesting to note the unsigned REP article no longer describes Mr Salter as having an unblemished expenses record - it has softened it's support of his 'angelic' behaviour and now only states he claimed no extravagant expenses during the past 4 years - which clearly indicates evidence exists that Mr Salter did make claims against the spirit of the rules from 1997 onwards.


  1. You've been 'outed' on as 'little ginger bloke John Wood'.

  2. ...and apparently questions are being asked in the letters pages of the press.

    Unfortunately commenters have already had their allotted three guesses as to any true identity hiding in the shadows behind the pseudonym 'Oranjepan', so the decision of the editorial board here at Reading List feels it is not in any way incumbent to either confirm or deny more idle speculation.

    If any readers feel they wish to do so, that is completely their choice.

  3. I don't think it matters who you are - you write intelligently, you link to the best blogs around and you're clearly not a Labour arsehole - I rate you.

  4. When I grew up it was a three party system - reds, blues and orange. The worst thing to happen in British politics of late is the landslide victory the Labour Party scored creating an unhealthy majority following the collapse of the Tory Government.

    Britain needs three mainstream parties and the Liberal Democrats (in my opinion) are the best hope we have to get back to a balanced political system - please don't get me wrong - I'm not a LibDem but appreciate your value.


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