Friday, 5 June 2009

Election Special: Local By-Election Results

Alice Murphy reports the results from Loddon Airfield and Wokingham Without wards.

Glenn Goodall is proud that LibDem Matt Hayward was able to win the Loddon Airfield seat from the Conservatives, despite or perhaps in part due to the bitchy attack from dyed-in-the-wool tories he is not 'local'.

Cllr Swaine suggests it may be exactly that 'arrogance' which was the decisive factor.

Conservative David Sleight won in Wokingham Without with a massive majority following the resignation of party predecessor Perry Lewis, who left under a cloud.

Fears of a strong showing for the BNP didn't materialise, even with Labour failing to field a candidate.

1 comment:

  1. How strange that a Liberal Democrat gain from the Conservatives, in Reading East, on a large swing is now being dismissed by the Tories as 'irrelevant' when:-

    - Rob Wilson was spotted there several times weekly (more often than he's been seen there all year);
    - Rick 'Whiter than White' Willis was posting smears weeks ago about the Lib Dem candidate;
    - the Tories bussed a bunch of Oxford students into Woodley on Thursday evening when it was clear they were in trouble?

    (As indeed they are in Reading East. In trouble that is)


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