Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Parallels In Parking

Reading Borough Council is consulting on re-regulating the limited amount of car-parking space on streets around the town. Proposed changes also include overall levels of parking, a new zonal parking scheme and new parking standards for bicycles and motorcycles.

The consultation is open until June 26th and members of the public are encouraged to get in contact to make sure all views are heard.

Redlands LibDem, Cllr Benson, discusses the issue, which she says was consistently raised during her recent housing consultation initiative and is always high in her casework in-box.

According to the LibDem representative, the widely held concern was of the impact of more multiple-occupancy dwellings and flats and the increases in car numbers this will result in.

Rob White also advertises the consultation, explaining that double yellow lines in many parts of town need repainting.

In Caversham requests from residents for new restrictions on parking along Henley Road have sparked protests as householders unaware of the ongoing consultation have accused the council of trying "to ram through these measures without regard to their impact."

Overspill parking and road safety are clearly growing in importance as traffic densities increase, but the limited availability of space is leading to confrontation between householders and youths on the recreational side of the coin.

Labour deputy leader of RBC, Cllr Tony Page feels cruising is anti-social and the crowds of youngsters who gather to proudly parade their modified cars at the Reading Gate Retail Park often cause unacceptable levels of noise. Cllr Page said, "I cannot think of any appropriate place to have it."

Spokesman Karl Allen says many feel aggrieved that the behaviour of a minority is leading to hundreds being harrassed unnecessarily by the Police and has called on the council to work with the group to provide an allocated space where they can gather safely and without fear of the authorities.

The performance car scene sporadically hits headlines as it is targetted to prevent outbreaks of street racing or other forms of petty criminality (such as this Independent report from 2000), however cruising remains a popular alternative lifestyle, with TeamShock reporting over 1,000 active members across Berkshire and is consistently ranked in the top-3 nationwide at the National Car Club Championships.


Update: Cllr Glenn Goodall reports from the Traffic Management Advisory Panel. As does Cllr Swaine.


  1. What does Tony Page know about cruising?

  2. I wish they would regulate noise levels in town. Why do some people think there is nothing more delightful on a weekend morning than blasting their music loudly so we can all enjoy it?

  3. gathering in a crowd is antisocial?


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