Friday, 13 March 2009

Wilson Blunders On The Big Stage

Reading East MP, Rob Wilson, has has attracted the critical ire of the sketch-writer for posing an oddly personal question during the main set-piece parliamentary event of the week at Westminster.

Hansard records his question: "Mr. Rob Wilson (Reading, East) (Con): What has the Prime Minister bought as a direct result of the cut in VAT?"

Simon Hoggart reports that a peal of backbenchers chimed in: "Time!"

Meanwhile the Spectator's Coffee House Blog attempted to spare Mr Wilson's blushes during what they described as a 'non-combative' affair.

Peter Hoskin liveblogged: 1228: A perfect opportunity for Brown to push one of his favourite dividing lines. A Tory MP (I missed who) asked what the PM has "bought due to the VAT cut". Brown responds that only the Tories could "scorn" an attempt to help "hard-working families".

Oranjepan says:
Mr Wilson got the mood of the chamber all wrong.

1 comment:

  1. were that was his only fault...


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