Thursday, 5 March 2009

AWE Go Ahead Decision

Local media have been having a field day reporting the decision to 'allow' a new development proposed for the Atomic weapons facility at Aldermaston.

Here is a round-up: BBC Berkshire, Reading Chronicle, Reading Evening Post and Newbury Weekly News.

Newbury Weekly News covers the accusation of 'suspicious behaviour' on behalf of West Berkshire Council where an online outage may have prevented a further increase in the record number of objections recieved.

They also report the tension between neighbouring local authorities, as it emerged that cross-border consultation was required but an application by Reading LibDems to defer the decision to consider the potential impact had been refused before councillors had met to discuss the proposals.

Leader of the LibDem group on Reading Borough Council, Gareth Epps said, "The way that this application has been swept under the carpet by West Berkshire Council despite its clear implications for the area around Burghfield is a disgrace... at the very least there should have been a proper review of this application so as the views of people in Reading were taken into account."

Despite this attempt to intervene according to statutory guidelines and the actual votes on the committee, West Berkshire Green Party activist Adrian Hollister has made an indiscriminate attack on all his opponents.


Update: Green Party candidate Adrian Windisch (see comments) uses Reading List as a source.


  1. It looks quite discriminating to me. Perhaps you should read things before commenting.

  2. Really?

    "The Lib Dem's just seem resigned to the fact that the Tory's can have their way".

    Might I suggest, Adrian, that neither you nor the other Adrian attended the PAC meeting. In other words neither of you know what happened and are therefore unqualified to comment on any reasons given there.

    Therefore may I also suggest that you should have read the other half of the sentence before you commented.

  3. Really.

    Where do you get the idea that I use you as a source?

    You are so partisan.

  4. Thanks Adrian. If you say so, it must be true!


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