Tuesday, 31 March 2009

A March Walk

An estimated 35,000 people attended the G20 rally in London this past weekend.

The peaceful crowd ambled several miles through Westminster to their destination in Hyde Park, among them were two local Green Party members.

Adrian Windisch was confused at the choice of 'Labour's Tony Robinson' as a speaker. He writes that he found it "bizarre" - twice.

He also links to the Guardian liveblog of the march in which Mark Thomas explains people are marching to express their anger at the economic crisis.

Adrian Hollister reports Pam Cooper, who called for a "green New Deal" and said "the message of the day is... not more [of] the same old policies that got us in this mess."

Meanwhile Robin Smith defends capitalism and wealth creation as the way out of the economic problems and argues that we "are attempting to resolve at least three existential problems, occurring simultaneously," but we won't be able to address them successfully until we define their nature in detail.

Gideon Mack is more pointed - he doesn't think the marchers knew what they were trying to achieve.

In unrelated news 11,000 people decided to run Reading's annual half-marathon.


Update: Twyford-based lecturer for TVU, Sean Fleming explains his 'deep-seated mistrust' of all fundamentalists.

The Bursar thinks the G20 meeting won't make much difference either way.

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