Thursday, 5 March 2009

Star-Crossed Councils

Reading Borough Council has trumpeted it's achievement as it gained three out of a possible four stars in it's annual assessment by the Audit Commission.

Reading Chronicle notes this 'success' by comparing it to West Berkshire's four-star and Wokingham Borough Council's two-star rating.


Update: Reading Evening Post uses the report to sing the praises of Reading Borough Council's Labour administration. Council leader Jo Lovelock finds it "very encouraging" that the council is improving value for money, using resources effectively, delivering savings and efficiency gains 'whilst keeping council tax low', but says she is "never complacent" about areas which need improvement.

Reading Evening Post provides a more balanced report, quoting LibDem group leader, Cllr Gareth Epps, who said "This report shows that Reading council is not just coasting under Labour – it’s starting to go backwards." While Labour's leader of the council Jo Lovelock admits this year "has been a year of considerable upheaval."

Jane get's sarcastic.

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