Friday, 13 March 2009

K's The Word!

John Madejski this week visited Buckingham Palace to formally receive his kinghthood.

Here is a round-up of reports: BBC Berkshire, Reading Evening Post, Reading Chronicle and for spice, the Rye and Battle Observer.

Meanwhile, Martin Salter MP has received widespread coverage for proposing a populist Early Day Motion to strip the title from Sir Fred Goodwin, the banking chief who ran RBS almost into the ground and is getting a huge pension for doing so now that he's been removed due to political pressure.

Mr Salter describes to Paul Waugh the symbolic nature of his move, although the issue goes 'way beyond' just one man, as LibDem Treasury spokesmanVince Cable MP explains, "There are other knights who are also absolutely culpable and should be treated in exactly the same way."

Raedwald makes a dissimilar point, and does so much more crudely.

Nevertheless the Fabian Society's Sunder Katwala is impressed, but doubts the likelihood of any action resulting from the move, while his readers would prefer a different focus. PhD student Becky says,
"It is a convenient smoke screen for the government to hide behind and to stop people talking about the economic mess we find ourselves in now."

Oranjepan says:
It's looking like one-in, one-out at the Palace!

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