Friday, 13 March 2009

GMG Rationalisation Starts

Following the news that the Reading Evening Post is to undergo radical changes as a result of their parent company's financial trouble, reports are filtering in of additional consequences to effect the company.

Wokingham Times Editor, Kim Chapman, described the move of the paper's editorial offices to what will become a regional hub in Reading for Surrey & Berkshire Media as "survive and thrive."

Oranjepan asks:
How long will it be before these two local newspapers are amalgamated?


  1. That would be interesting. Kim Chapman was Andy Murril's predecessor at the EP and is his partner. The move certainly makes Kim's commute to work a lot easier, being a short walk from their house in Queens Road Caversham. It would also make sharing offices cosier. Kim is also best friends with the wife of Martin Salter. Wonder who in the household would get to keep their job of Editor of any amalgamated paper?

  2. quite - and would the editorial line, to copy out the Labour Grop and Salter's press releases, change in that event? they'd better get a move on, before Salter goes, or then where will we be

  3. How dare someone hiding behind a pseudonym give out the home address of the editors of the Evening Post and Wokingham Times on this public blog? Can no-one have any privacy?

  4. Anon, all addresses are listed, so anyone could find out for themselves if they had access to the information source.

    Information isn't private, so what restrictions you wish to impose in which circumstances and under what conditions, whether you think information should be restricted and if you think it would be a good thing to try to restrict it in the first place, is an entirely political viewpoint.

    In defence of flash I'd like to point out that he didn't give the full and exact address.

    The extent of the information he included in the first comment is entirely relevant and justified in the context of the point he made, so your comment is fatuous and your indignation does you no favours.


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