Friday, 27 March 2009

Police Criticised in Woodley 'Terrorism' Row

An official complaint has been lodged by one of the men arrested for using a laser pen during an angling expedition.

The dispute surrounds claims by Police spokespeople that the arrest was made under Air Navigation laws, rather than anti-terror legislation. However, the angler is unequivocal that he was told "We take terrorism very seriously in Woodley" and that his wife was informed that this was the case.

The man from Tilehurst explained that he is concerned that the false record will affect his employment and travel options.

A Police spokesperson has commented that it is inappropriate to comment while an investigation is ongoing.

Local MP, Martin Salter, who represents the complainant and is also chairman of the parliamentary group representing anglers, has yet to air any concern in the matter.

Oranjepan says:
It's strange that the Police weren't worried about inappropriateness in the first instance, yet now they are!


  1. The Sports Minister has a number of backbench MPs who advise them on particular sports the MPs have an interest in, thus one advises on sailing, another on badminton, another on sports cycling. Martin Salter is the advisor on shoot'n & fish'n (hunt'n having been banned being the thinking.). This is the platform he uses regularly to promote himself as the 'Minister for Angling', repeated ignorantly in a number of publications, rather than being chair of any backbench groups I am aware of in the area.

  2. Try this:


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