Monday, 30 March 2009

What Is Europe For?

It appears that Europe has been on the minds of bloggers recently - it must be because there are European elections on June 4th, just over two months away.

At this time it becomes traditional to ask fundamental questions about the purpose and direction of our involvement in the multi-lateral institutions comprising the European Union.

Local councillor Dave Luckett trumpets the popularity of arch-Eurosceptic Conservative MEP Dan Hannan's recent 'shredding' of Gordon Brown in the European parliamentary chamber in Brussels and hints that Mr Hannan may be coming to Reading sometime "later this year" to tell us his opinion.

LibDems Mark Thompson and Paul Walter noted the irony of the spectacle - Mr Hannan was using the platform provided by his position despite wishing to give up this right with Britain's membership of the union.

Elsewhere Labour parliamentary candidate Anneliese Dodds took the opportunity to get her photo taken with Labour's one (and only) MEP for the region, Peter Skinner.

Paul Robins describes Mr Skinner as the kind of representative who gives politicians a bad name and comes close to telling us which way he is going to vote.

Separately Steve Borthwick has an interesting debate going about what the EU should stand for under the question of whether Turkey should be considered for membership.

Oranjepan asks:
Will you be voting on June 4th?

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