Thursday, 19 March 2009

Festival Or Farcical?

Former Labour councillor John Howarth has provided his insiders' view from the Labour camp on the Heavenly Festival saga.

Howarth says it's "better to cut your losses than have a farce on your hands".

He explains how political correctness inside Labour trumped financial competence, and then exposes his true character when he says it made him want to "drive a Humvee through the campsite wielding an AK47".

Meanwhile Reading Borough Council has echoed Cllr Hoskins line that "people everywhere are tightening their belts and making savings" by blaming external forces for the sudden policy reversal, rather than accept any fault for bad planning of their own.

Unsurprisingly this 'official' opinion has been picked up by a range of industry sources: Billboard, NME, efestivals, AHN, Event magazine and RTV.

Oranjepan asks:
Is it appropriate that the public bureaucracy promotes an overtly partisan viewpoint?


Update: Here's Jane's take.

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