Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Cruisers Control Ordered

A popular car club has been banned from meeting at the Forbury Retail Park and ordered to disperse after nearby residents complained at the disturbance.

The organisers have struck back saying they cooperate with authorities are being squeezed out with nowhere to go because of an uninvited minority.

Spokesman Rob Strike said "There are unfortunately some people who decide to come to the car park and act like idiots."

And a statement on their website says: "We are working with the Police and the Council to try and come up with a solution that everyone can be happy with so that perhaps we can have an area to use that can be monitored and marshalled to keep everyone safe and sound."

But in an interview with BBC Berkshire's Andrew Peach (from 6.20) he explained that efforts to find a location for the meet have been hampered by council officials who refuse to listen to any plans unless Police are already onboard, so their ability to marshall events is immediately restricted.

Reflecting the perception problem involved BBC editors branded the group 'boy-racers'.

The club for modified car enthusiasts, claims over 1,300 members in total, has 565 fans of its' facebook page and an active forum. This has helped spread the message about club activities and boost the appeal beyond the handful of friends who started things up.

But concerns have been raised about "playing loud music on their stereos, revving their engines, reports of vehicles racing around," according to Thames Valley's Chief Inspector Jim Weems.

Earlier this year the group was moved on from the Reading Gate retail park.

Meanwhile, only a couple of hundred yards away, the next generation of 'rowdy youths' have been targeted by Police for causing public disorder and 'general intimidation'.

Oranjepan asks:
If you keep moving people on without providing any viable alternatives, where will they end up?


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