Sunday, 22 November 2009

Take Your Seats

Resting limbs and taking the weight off our rears is all part of travelling by train, but our comfort is something everybody takes personally and any slight aggravation is can make us sore...

There are never enough spaces to sit, so Diggestive prefers to stand in the buffet car people watching.

A range of animal behaviour is always on display indicating the wide range of commuter species on board. Unsuccesful courtship rituals are the kind of thing which pass under his critical eye.

The feeding habits of fellow passengers preoccupies Elizabeth Thomas, while their personal grooming (or lack thereof) grabs the attention of the Baglady.

But it could be worse.

Robin Smith worries about where to put his load!


Update: Miffy indulges in some schadenfreude at the expense of an illicit smoker on platform 9.

Kristin is no fan of standing during journeys, which is obviously part of the culture shock.

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