Monday, 2 November 2009

Appeal Against 'Ghost Voter' Convictions

Maybe it's just that time of year...

The appeal cases of three of the the six men convicted of election fraud in a Slough election at Reading Crown Court in May were heard last week.

Conservative party candidate Raja Khan (sentenced to 3 1/2 years imprisonment) and Mahboob Khan (4 1/2 years) both had their claims rejected by the Court of Appeal.

A third man, Mohammed Khan, had his conviction reduced by six months and will now serve a total of 2 years and 10 months.

Raja Khan was convicted of conspiracy to defraud and perjury, while Mahboob Khan and Mohammed Khan were jailed for the crimes of conspiracy to defraud, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and perjury.

All three originally pleaded guilty to the charges.

It was a landmark case in a legal area which is notoriously difficult to prosecute and the sentences represented some of the sternest ever handed out in the country.

The offences related to the 2007 borough council elections in Slough's Central ward where respected incumbent Lydia Simmons lost the vote in a shock result. It was later discovered that hundreds of names had fraudulently been added to the electoral rolls at rented properties in the area.


Background: Case Opens; Convictions Gained, Sentences Passed.

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  1. Of course such a thing would never happen in Reading, would it. Certainly not in Labour wards where they are desparately trying to hang on to seats.


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