Sunday, 1 November 2009

All Hallows' Eve Oddities

Hollowed-out pumpkin Jack O'Lanterns have been put out on full display in the e-sphere.

Ant-sized Man and Ceramix show theirs while Christina Jones uses hers to say happy birthday to her cat Dexter, who she gave the suitably sinister name to in homage for TV's 'amoral' serial killer.

Elsewhere Adrian Windisch writes a lengthy discussion piece about how the festival has religious overtones where the spirits of people with strong public consciousnesses are remembered, and that this was used to reflect the pagan and Christian religion of the time, but has more recently been tuned into a multi-million pound industry to reinforce the cult of celebrity.

And he says he feels like scrooge for having apples on hand as his treat, explaining that kids have become greedy as they've been encouraged to 'make demands with menaces'.

Elizabeth Thomas picks up on how conservative Christians are being warned "to forgo celebrating Halloween because of its evilness" and its' association with demonic forces.

Meanwhile Genghis Cohen takes the mickey out of killjoys by imagining the attempts of Jehovah's Witnesses to talk kids out of their childish dogma and fancydress.

Newsbiscuit reports sales of horror masks are said to be soaring this Halloween. With political characters Peter Mandelson, Harriet Harman, and Gordon Brown masks now top sellers it suggests novelty retailers have expressed shock that politicians could actually be helping the economy!


Update: Scaryduck offers some Halloween top tips.

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