Friday, 27 November 2009

Countdown To New Politics: Power2010

The general election in 2010 is widely considered to be a moment for the renewal of democratic debate in the UK. And with the wealth of new communication methods available the general public is taking the opportunity to seize the agenda back.

The Power2010 coalition, backed by the Rowntree Foundation, has called for suggestions on how to reform out politics and is recieving a wealth of ideas.

Guy Aitchison writes for the Third Estate blog explaining how the unfolding expenses scandal which has engulfed Westminster (and local politicians) provides a once-in-a-generation chance which cannot be missed.

Many major blogs are participating - including Our Kingdom, Liberal Conspiracy, Ekklesia and Republic - and local bloggers have been adding their two cents worth too.

Mark Reckons thinks politics is overly formal and not business-like enough.

Over on my other blog I get down to basics and concentrate on the aspect of humanising the whole process.

Bracknell Blog agrees that wholesale changes are needed. Dazmando says technology could help engagement while making bureaucratic systems more efficient, but this wouldn't work without electoral and funding reform.
Adrian Windisch also supports electoral reform and making politicians more accountable to the public.

And Tim Trent simply wants representatives to do their job properly - anything which gets in the way of them being able to do so should be stopped.

If you just want to have a look at some of the thousands of ideas have a look at the Power2010 website and blog.

But there is still time to add your ideas for reform of our politics whether you are a blogger or not. The organisers promise every single submission will be read and considered - so what have you got to lose, give it a go - you can make a difference!


Update: Rob White supports the People's Charter, but it's not a matter of either/or.

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  1. Thanks Oranjepan - very nice round up.

  2. Thanks Guy, you're welcome.


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