Sunday, 15 November 2009

Calling Copenhagen!

The build-up to the Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change continues as the Greater Reading Environmental Network organised a public debate at the Reading International Solidarity Centre.

GREN spokesman John Hoggett explained that the UN-sponsored talks take place in just over 5 weeks and "could be the most important international agreement in human history."

Speakers included Phil Thornhill, the national coordinator of the Campaign Against Climate Change, leading climate scientist Jonathan Gregory and outgoing Labour MP Martin Salter.

LibDem Cllr Gareth Epps was also in attendance, but while he was pleased at the level of public interest he was disappointed in the turnout from other political parties.

He says he was impressed by constructive discussion following the scientific presentations which recognised the required shift in attitudes and resources will be 'enormous'.

Members of the Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) will attend a separate event at Reading Town Hall on Tuesday 17th November planned as part of the Reading 2020 Forum headlined 'Future Challenge: Future Change'.

Guests will listen to keynote speeches from Chair of the Southern Region Institute of Directors, Chris Dodson, and visiting Executive Fellow of Henley Business School of Reading University Peter McManners (who authored 'Adapt and Thrive: The Sustainable Revolution').

Chair of the 2020 Reading Partnership Board, Labour's Cllr Jo Lovelock, commented:
"we need to start thinking about our vision for the future and turning that into a strategy to bring about practical improvements in the quality of life for local communities."
Elsewhere Bracknell Blog notes recent polls pointing that a majority of the public remain unconvinced climate change is occurring.

Dazmando admits this shouldn't surprise anyone given the often cynical and reactive nature of public opinion, as he says many people think the environmental agenda is an excuse for increasing taxes.

Meanwhile Bracknell PPC David Young launches an attack on his opponents accusing them of not knowing what they stand for and making empty gestures.

The Green Party candidate argues that a 'green tax switch' is an undesirable example of 'greenwash' because it would encourage people to change behaviour patterns and this would damage state provision of services, adding that no 'serious' green would contemplate the possibility of reducing taxes.


Background on the Copenhagen Summit.


  1. Yeah, Labour need to start thinking - how long have they been in power?

  2. David Young is very good at recycling – because his letter is reheated version of an MEP's polemic, including the totally misleading and deceitful claim that Liberal Democrats in Devon oppose windfarms - individual Liberal and Green Party members have oppose some schemes of planning grounds, that isn’t the same as being against all windfarms.

  3. Just dug out an old copy of the Ecologist, where there is an article on 'Green Tax Switch' proposed by the Green Fiscal Commission and supported by Greenpease. So David Young say Greenpease are not seriously green !


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