Friday, 6 November 2009


The celebrations surrounding Fireworks night traditionally brings ooohs and ahhhs to match the eeees and occasional ouches.

Wendy explodes in a creative burst.

Christina Jones popped champagne corks to go with her fish and chips supper as she celebrated the anniversary of her wedding, but the ambience in the card shop set off an emotional reaction that found her weeping as pensioners around her discharged cat-calls.

Ngozi Fakeye from the South Central Ambulance service warned people to take extra precautions after announcing 121 injuries and incidents were attended in previous years.

Meanwhile the satirists have been out in force to poke some fun at the 'guy'.

Newsarse noted the anti-clerical celebration by posing the rhetorical question "Isn’t it just typical of the Brits to celebrate a glorious failure?"

And Newsbiscuit breaks the news of further inflationary measures by the government to stave off widerspread recession by suggesting it is all a big plot by higher authorities...

Elsewhere Cartoonist Len complains that the hard-bitten political anger of Bonfire night has been surpassed in popular culture by the imported over-enthusiastic communal tweeness of Halloween and that this has been driven by commercial pressures.

And finally I give you all a song (but maybe that's because the parade was rained on...)

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