Thursday, 29 October 2009

Close To Their Heart

Anna Roberts reports on the tributes which have been paid to former Reading University lecturer Norman Edwards, who recently passed away after suffering a fatal aortic aneurysm.

Mr Edwards lectured in physiology and biochemistry from the mid-1960s and had been a local councillor - firstly for the Liberal Alliance in the 1980s before switching to the Labour party.

He was a member of Berkshire's County Council education board and a strong supporter of Amnesty International. His wife asked any donations to his memory be given to this cause, which he was passionate about throughout his life.

Jane Griffiths picks up on the lack of tribute from his former colleagues and attacks local long-standing Labour party members who were certainly around at the time to know him.

She wonders whether any letter of condolence was sent to his widow, hinting at the internal differences and lasting personal disputes involved when relationships are influenced by matters of office.

Elsewhere current RU Professor Rob Waller remembers Professor Rob Barnett, his professional pen-friend who has also died. He was clearly an inspiration to him.

He explains that Prof Barnett appreciated the value of clear speech and keeping things simple, but he also demonstrated his integrity as a man and the coherence of his ideas by utilising them when producing his work, which he describes as "exceptionally thorough and authoritative, full of the insight that comes from long experience."

Rob advertises Prof Barnett's blog, Information Design, which will now forever become a digital testament and memorial.

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