Saturday, 17 October 2009

Media Outrages Identify Source of Continuing Inequality

Reading's recent Gay Pride parade and festival gave politicians of all stripes the opportunity to promote their credentials on the equality agenda, but the death of BoyZone singer Stephen Gateley has highlighted the contining challenge on this front.

A political storm has broken over the decision taken by the Daily Mail to publish an article by Jan Moir.

Tim Trent reprints the offensive article written by Jan Moir - so you don't have to visit their site to understand what it is all about.

The stunning Charlie Brooker forensically dissects Ms Moir's piece, noting how it is the Mails' conservative editorial attitude which is responsible for the offense. The paper continues to operate as a voice for grassroot Conservative supporters.

He explains that ignorant, hateful idiocy informs the prejudice which pervades the piece, noting the numerous incidences of hypocrisy all done to self-affirm Ms Moir's personal political opinion.

The satirical Newsarse is more succinct in lampooning the now-notorious commentator, but no less successful - or amusing for that matter.

Gideon Mack also says the finger of blame should be pointed at the people who employed Ms Moir and then directed her to do the hatchet job.

Meanwhile the equally excellent Mark Reckons looks at the reasons why members of the public should make a complaint.

To match their sense of public spiritedness Tim, Charlie and Mark encourage you to make use of the links they provide to the Press Complaints Commission (PCC).

Elsewhere Joey Young blows his top calling the article a 'rancid piece of filth'.

And finally, Tim Trent follows up with a neat summation of how the nature of corporate politics promotes an illusory sense of homogenous identity. Initially this may not seem like it has life-or-death consequences, but the case of Stephen Gateley provides direct ammunition against the haters.

He concludes by explaining how this can only be defeated by individuals when we act voluntarily on a mass scale to a common end, noting how public pressure has forced advertisers to declare their opposition to the discrimination.

As a follow-up he also notes the complete lack of dissenting voices - nobody is prepared to stand up and defend either Ms Moir or the Daily Mail.

Elsewhere Morgan PR exposes a separate example of the Daily Mail dishonesty, when it manipulates photos to fit its' preferred story about a recent court case involving comedian Jimmy Carr.


Update: Paul Walter notes how the backlash has forced the Daily Mail's editorial staff to backtrack with a volte face provided by Janet Street-Porter.

He records her perspective that extra-marital sex is not uncommon, and nobody actually dies of guilt - even if they feel mortified. So even though people like Ms Moir may disapprove of individual cases, there is nothing that they can do about democratically-enacted laws which allow for a diverse range of partnerships to gain acceptabilty through civil recognition.


Here is a link to the PCC's online complaints section. You may wish to tell them that Ms Moir's article breaches section 1, 5 and 12 of its' code of practice.


  1. It's a damned shame a decent bloke had to die for the public to notice that The Daily Mail is less than pleasant in its editorials and attitudes.

    What I like most about the outcome of this incident is that people didn't just hit the paper. they hit the advertisers. And no-one places an advert to get a bad press!

    So it shows how to react to bad editorials in the future: Hit hard at those who pay the bills for the adverts that surround the trash. What Marketing Director wants to have his or her phone ringing off the hook with people form all walks of life and all corners of the globe saying "Did you know you advertise next to a sewage processing plant?"

    Unless, of course, your business is selling turd polish!

  2. Exactly - it only hurts when people are hit in their own pockets, but some pockets are closer to the heart than others.


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