Saturday, 17 October 2009

Labour's Exhaust

Public outrage over the political failures in the management of Reading Buses continues to rumble like a number 17 along the Oxford Road.

Reading Buses is operated by Reading Transport Ltd and wholly-owned by Reading Borough Council.

Jane Griffiths isn't at all surprised at the details, considering her knowledge of the Labour politicians in charge, but wonders why Cllr Page was put forward by Labour to make a statement rather than current Chair of the company, Cllr Singleton-White.

Cllr Singleton-White did later manage to give the statement that "it is completely unacceptable that both the board of Reading Buses and the council have been deceived."

Indeed. It's easy to understand why his party were reluctant to make him speak in public when he condemns himself and his own side.

Meanwhile opposition spokespeople have responded.

Conservative Cllr Richard Willis is quoted as saying "serious questions now will be asked."

However LibDem Cllr Glenn Goodall was more forceful in demanding answers. He said that the Labour councillors' comments "smack of incompetence" and that Labour "owes the people of Reading and bus users an explanation."


Update: Omnibuses records that Reading Transport has withdrawn from the UK Bus Awards 2009 (aka the Bus Oscars). It had been nominated in 3 categories: People, Buses in the Countryside, Innovation.


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