Saturday, 24 October 2009

Round-Up: After The Dimbleby And Griffin Show

The ripples of the storm which accompanied the first appearance a BNP representative on the BBC's flagship political debate programme continue to spread across the local blogosphere.

Green Party campaigner Adrian Windisch gives a rundown on the areas covered in the programme. He attacks the BBC for failing to listen to protesters, while noting that three times as many people tuned in.

He then adds that the target audience of BNP will only be encouraged to sympathise with Nick Griffin by the attacks - before attacking them himself, for being 'illogical'.

However Paul Walter warns us to never underestimate the BBC in a detailed and well argued article. He repeats a line from the Independent that 'they gave him the oxygen of publicity and he choked'.

Bracknell LibDem PPC Ray Earwicker writes to the editor of Radio Bracknell highlighting the governments dishonesty over immigration, and says this would inevitably stir strong emotions.

He argues that:
"Migrants can, and do, make a very positive contribution to our economy and society but it is very hard for people to have faith in the immigration system when the Government [behaves] so treacherously."
Labour party campaigner Rachel Eden didn't stay up for the event, preferring to catch it on YouTube. She states that the BNP has nothing serious worth offering, and that it was car-crash TV.

Maidenhead Conservative blogger Alistair McRonald feels the BNP benefited from the exposure and reiterates the need for politicians to fix the issues which are causing people to vote for fringe parties.

Over on my other blog I have a quick look at what parliamentarians are doing to address under-representation among the electorate. Yes, it is easy to get distracted by the headlines.

Bracknell Blog wonders what the response to the controversy will be. Dazmando also delves under the facade of outrage to provides some answers why people do feel the BNP is capable of representing them.

He is also concerned about appearing to demonise and victimise people who hold disagreeable views, arguing that "You either have free speech or you don't."

Elsewhere Joe Knipe is split over the BBCs decision to give airtime to the BNP:
"On the one hand I can't believe the BBC acknowledged his vicious little party... but on the other I am so glad that they did because... people can really see who, or rather what he is."
Chairman Bill adopts his usual controversial line by giving due credit to Nick Griffin for having the temerity to stand up for his beliefs in the face of strong opposition, while criticising the emotional reaction of audience members as 'incoherent' and Labour's Justice Minister Jack Staw as 'pathetic'.

He states that
"Griffin clearly has his ear much closer to the UK’s heartbeat than most politicians, as do all demagogues who prey on prejudices and fear."
Having it both ways he provides a final judgement:
"Shame on the BBC for allowing this charade to proceed in the manner it did. All power to the BBC for not kow-towing to the jack-booted forces of anti-racist fascism, for silencing those with a different view to you is itself fascism."
Meanwhile Anna Roberts reports that BNP membership has fallen 40% in the past 12 months. She says there are now only 16 registered members in the Reading area.


Update: Mr London Street's friend David provides some satire.

And Matt Blackall links to cassetteboy, while saying the reaction to the event may have been "a bit ill-judged and short-sighted".

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