Tuesday, 13 October 2009


icFor those of us who like to keep our ears to the ground snatched overheard conversations are one of life's greatest intrigues. We want to know how the other half lives, but we wouldn't go so far as wanting to endure their existence - or maybe we would!

Elizabeth Thomas picks up a juicy titbit about the clientele of Premier Inns, while BagLady wonders about what kind of men wear shirts two sizes too small and call their daughters Ariadne...

So let me tell you, dear Readers, about one of my guilty pleasures - Overheard In New York. Amusing, shocking and a treat for earwiggers everywhere.


  1. Why not use the London version - http://www.overheardinlondon.co.uk/

  2. There's an overheard on the tube site too which I totally forgot about. Thanks for the tip, OJ. I will put it on my list of things to read daily (of which your blog is FIRST!) because I am in sore need of amusement these days.

  3. shirts who call their daughters Ariadne? grammar, Pan, grammar!

  4. Hi Ray,
    it is all about the lives of others as far as I'm concerned, and I've never been to NY, so call it personal taste if you want.

    E, that's sweet - I hope I can offer an occasional source of amusement!

    Thanks Jane. I'll admit Ariadne is a strangely spelt name!


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