Thursday, 27 August 2009

Dealing With Kids On Wheels

Reading Borough Council has announced a crackdown on quadbikers to prevent the 'havoc' and 'nuisance' caused in certain areas.

The Safer Reading Partnership has agreed processes which will enable neighbourhood Policing teams to warn, ban or issue ASBOs against riders who 'blight' their community. RBC executive member for Communities & Neighbourhoods, Cllr Bet Tickner explained that
"residents have the right to enjoy their local neighbourhoods without having to worry about being mown down by these bikes or have to put up with the noise they make."
Efforts are been undertaken to publicise to riders their requirement to possess a valid driving license and insurance, and wear an appropriate safety helmet.

Redlands LibDems praised the move which comes after years of complaints by residents.

Cllr Benson details some of the more difficult problems involved, such as parents who are unaware of the law or the dangers of so-called 'mini-motos', which are categorised as motorised vehicles, although all too often treated by users as bicycles.

In separate news a controversial plan for a BMX track in Earley was approved last week amid heated scenes.

The proposed facility at Paddick Drive playing fields had been the subject of campaigning both for and against the development, with a clear generational divide emerging as local householders were pitted against their children who claimed a lack of adequate provision for their needs.

Members from The Manor Residents Association complained about the potential for anti-social behaviour and excessive noise the BMXers would cause, arguing at 300m length it will be the largest track in the county and 4 car parking spaces will be insufficient to cope with additional traffic to cater for all the cyclists.

However Just Around The Corner (JAC) Youth Ambassador Melissa Duncan maintained it would be a complete letdown after all the effort which had gone into the plans, especially to the younger people who had turned out to show their support.

LibDem Cllr Tahir Maher points out the politics behind the issue, explaining that it is necessary to balance the concerns and "be fair to all".

Update: It is subsequently reported that one of the conditions for the go-ahead to be given for the BMX was a ban on regional or national events at the location. A review on parking measures has also been planned after 12 months.
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  1. Loud motorbikes and quad bikes drive us nuts on Christchurch Gardens. They come roaring down the street at dangerous speeds when it's not the rush hour. I've often wished Reading had noise-level regulations like New York City does.

    Maybe next they can go after those people who blast their music out of their cars at all hours of the day and night. I appreciate them sharing their musical tastes with me and the entire street :) but don't want to go deaf.

  2. You're not going to the festival then?


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