Thursday, 27 August 2009

The Rich Man

On Tuesday BBC4 broadcast a biographical documentary of local businessman Sir John Madejski.

Ian Denyer recorded his subject over a period of three years, concluding when he recieved his knighthood at Buckingham Palace earlier this year.

Sean O'Grady reviewed the programme in the Independent newspaper. He felt it was a disappointment, describing it as 'prosaic' and with large gaps in it filled with 'gawping'.

On the other hand I felt this stylisation reflected a deeper psychological truth about him, which subtly hinted at the drives motivating his desire for success.

Meanwhile Woz writes more succinctly, summing up how he saw a town and a man he didn't recognise.

Update: Reading Post collects Sir John's response to the final version of the film. He is phegmatic about being made to look 'a bit pervy', but despite some 'inaccuracies' he has no regrets about it, as the insights he hoped to offer and the issues he hoped to raise are now in the public domain.
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  1. This program was very enlightening. I so enjoyed it. I also didn't realise John is so lonely. I met him once at a fulham Game. I actually stepped on his foot which he took quite well. He was very friendly and talked for a full 10 minute to me. Cheers John

  2. Yeah, I don't think many people will ever understand how big sums of money can affect relationships.

    I mean I'm always hearing people worry about whether someone likes them for the right reasons or not, and loves them for who they are not what they are or what they've got.

    Openness is essential in all walks of life (not least politics) to build up trust - because nobody deliberately sets out to set themself up for a fall.

  3. Sorry, I cannot find it on-line, but the Times had a review of the programme as well - and they were full of condemnation for the unfair picture it presented of both Madejski and Reading. One of the better lines in it, about the programme maker, was something along the lines of "...everyone can have three off years"!


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