Friday, 7 August 2009

Taking A Break, Or Not

It' s that time of year again when everyone packs their bags and sets off for a period of rest and recuperation, although politicians also appear to use their holidays as a time for reflection.

Earlier this year columnists were predicting 2009 to be the year of the 'staycation' as the recession took hold of pocket-books and purses. The Local Government Association even went so far as to deliberately confuse the meaning of the term by spotting an opportunity to promote domestic tourism.

A popular (and cheap) alternative according to local bloggers is a cycling tour - with Graeme and Myra Thiessen circling Cornwall in the saddle, while Andrew Sykes decided to undertake the more arduous if equally scenic Pennine Cycleway in preparation for a more ambitious trip to Brindisi next year.

But for bloggers the vexing question of whether to also take a break from blogging is posed by Graham Jones.

Berkshire's top blogger, Mark Thompson, fully justifies that title by reaching a similar conclusion to our local Internet Psychologist independently of him - he had already devised a strategy to keep his site up-to-date while he was away in the land of horrendous mobile charges.


Update: Even though Crookham Rise's Clive Davis won't be able to satisfy his hankering for Rio he is definitely taking a break from his duties at The Spectator.

Nick Baggott decides that his CRM blog can mind its' own business.

Emily decides to leave her Treetops and visit the beautiful Dorset coastline.

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  1. Jeremy Le Taillard9 August 2009 at 05:56

    I like what you did there.


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