Monday, 21 December 2009

Commuters Grit Teeth As Weather Woe Grips Region

Winter snow and ice has struck, but with the seasonal wonder of a prospective white Christmas concern is growing that authorities have again failed to prevent havoc spreading by preparing adequately as roads are closed to traffic and some drivers are failing to stop after causing accidents in the hazardous conditions.

Head of Response for Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service Andy Mancey said, "Road conditions are treacherous in many parts of Berkshire."

Cllr Benson worries many roads and pavements have been turned into 'deathtraps' due to insufficient gritting and hundreds of thousands of residents and commuters are facing the risk of unnecessary accident and disruption to daily life.

International communications expert Neville Hobson is fully aware of the potential for problems having just returned from Las Vegas. He discusses the 'complete chaos' caused when the Channel Tunnel was forced to close and is 'astounded' by the way the company has handled the public outrage.

Meanwhile Howard Thomas offers some common sense opinion that it is "nothing short of a disgrace that our council are either incapable or unwilling to do their duty."

He recalls the events of February when Reading Borough Council was heavily criticised for failing to stock up on sufficient grit, while Cllr Benson is frustrated by the lack of information explaining what is being done to deal with the immediate problem.

Elsewhere Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead provides a page of advice. They warn travellers to take extra care whatever form of transport you take.

Icy Road Safety is a good US website providing advice on how to prepare yourself for the worst. For the more ghoulishly inclined they have a page-worth of video footage showing some scary accidents.

For up-to-date information check out the satellite images on RainToday.


  1. It's terrible out there on the roads. Cars are not moving on Christchurch Road. My son and I went out to build a snowman and watched the traffic not moving. Then a fist fight broke out around the cars with about 5 men involved and one guy took a For Sale sign out of some person's front and started bashing another guy over the head with it. The weather might make Reading look like a scene out of It's a Wonderful Life but the inhabitants are foul tempered.

  2. Hi E, I've been travelling today and seen some people get very angry because they feel they need someone to blame for things which have gone against them.

    It always amuses and shocks me in equal parts when we're shaken out of our complacency to see just how tenuous the thread of civilisation is and how easily it could be lost.

  3. That's very insightful OJ. Would make a good essay. I went out last night to hear the Kings Singers at the Town Hall but the roads were treacherous. I saw the Dilwar Tandoori Express guy out making deliveries and he was sliding all over the road.

  4. Tandoori is just right in this weather - but I've got to smile because that's created a comic picture in my head!


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