Monday, 7 December 2009

Bikers Buoy Toy Run

Organisers have described the 24th annual Reading Toy Run "a huge success" after an estimated 2,000 bikers overwhelmed roads from the former county hall on their journey to Wokingham in the name of charity.

Christian bikers congregated from across the country to support the event which collects toys on behalf of children's charity Banardo's.

The organisers have a website and a facebook group to promote the annual event, but some grouchy commenters were still unhappy.

Complaints about the lack of signage along the route meant and the difficulty in marshalling some locals were left unaware or underwhelmed by the impending bout of festive spirit.

They were left with the impression of official indifference to the event that may have prevented it from becoming an even greater success.

'Reading Biker' said it would be his 16th year participating, but expressed hope that the toy run would continue to grow in future years.


Update: Reading Post has a good picture gallery of some of the fancy dress worn on the day.

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