Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Snow Patrol - Views And Perspectives From Across The County

#rdgnews - From the Treetops in Newbury the festive picture seems almost perfect, but bloggers differing reactions continue to drift in.

Elsewhere in West Berkshire Paul Walter's Liberal Burblings privides a video view of Thatcham, Phil Spray takes a bleak photo of the A4 while Tim Liew reflects that the world didn't end despite hysteria not being far away.

On the other side of the county Windsor Fire Station points out the short-sightedness of trying to cut the 'operational resilience' of emergency services when the unexpected can take anyone by surprise at any moment.

In Wokingham Cllr Prue Bray points out there has been a completely mixed picture of reactions reflecting the particular geography of each area.

She notes how Reading suffered due to the urban nature of the authority and gridlock meant gritters and snow-ploughs simply couldn't get through.

Sky News' Jo Couzens details the chaos which descended on Reading as four inches of snow were 'dumped' on the town.

Adrian Windisch says Reading became famous for all the wrong reasons.

A selection of video views are provided by Redlands LibDems and as well as Simon Arthur.

Wendy was simply glad to be housed in comfort for the night in a hotel in Pangbourne.

Elsewhere coach driver Stephen Clynes reports his travel time from London to Cardiff tripled according to his digital tachograph "all because Berkshire County Council could not get it's act together and grit the major roads in it's area."

With 2,000 drivers stuck and thousands more abandoned, he notes the matter has now reached ministerial level.

The mini users forum is also filled with a selection of horror journeys from the area.


Update: Chronicle editor Maurice O'Brien is quick off the mark to attack the chaotic scenes as a result of 'one-size fits all' government policy.

On my other blog I'm just angry that there's so much finger-pointing and not enough people taking responsibility.


Previous reports: Whiteout Fallout Continues; Commuters Grit Teeth As Weather Woes Grip Region; Anger Grows At Failure To Prevent Traffic Chaos


  1. Thanks very much for featuring me. It was Newbury in the video. My dog doesn't often take me as far as Thatcham!

  2. Whoops - too many weather-induced slip-ups! ...under the snow my local geography obviously goes a bit haywire!


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