Sunday, 8 February 2009

After the Snowfall Comes the Thaw

The one story which has been gripping the country over the past few days has been the seasonal levels of snow - proving the old truth that one thing Britain loves talking about more than anything else is the weather.

Reading List was almost tempted to do a full round-up of what Readers have been writing, but it's just impossible to keep up with the blizzard of material. However in a modest attempt to prevent white-out on the subject we'll concentrate on the fallout from the events.

Criticism has been growing over the suggestion that political leaders have left the transport network horribly exposed by underinvestment as they attempted to cut budgetary corners.

REP receives the prize for the pithiest story title and Mick Spreader is typically forthright.

Local MP, Martin Salter (Labour), is never one to miss a bandwagon sliding past on the ice, so he jumped right on in an attempt to grab a headline without any qualms or hesitation over accuracy (he really should read the local press more - see above).

Oranjepan says:
If Readers can't get enough then I'll leave it to Google to sate any remaining appetite.

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