Friday, 20 February 2009

Wokingham Announces Council Tax Rise of 4.68%

Wokingham Borough Council has announced the annual average increase in Council Tax (based on band D properties) will be 4.68%.

Conservatives rushed to defend their budget claiming that local challenges in social care meant it was their 'toughest' yet and blamed underfunding by central government, although they also showed that it is in line with increases being levied in other Berkshire councils.

Meanwhile Wokingham's opposition LibDems pinpointed Conservative failure as the cause of the larger-than-expected rise.

LibDem leader, Cllr Prue Bray, explained that the annual increase is limited to 5% maximum and that additional funding into services labelled 'inadequate' by inspectors is only possible by painful cuts elsewhere.

Cllr Bray also criticised the Conservative's dishonesty in their attempt to accept power but avoid responsibility.


Click here for a full comparison of Council Tax rises in the different local authorities across Berkshire.

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