Thursday, 19 February 2009

University Decision 'Ridiculous', 'Deplorable' and 'Irresponsible' say Protesters

A snowball of outrage has started gathering momentum since the University of Reading announced on 9th January it's decision to close it's School of Health and Social Care for corporate reasons.

Here's how Reading List first reported the announcement.

An online petition is growing rapidly and a facebook group has been set up to keep campaigners informed of developments.

Meanwhile Reading LibDems have called the decision 'irresponsible and short-sighted', explaining that is it in contravention of recent ministerial guidelines and said they will be presenting a motion to council urging for the decision to be reversed.

Redlands Councillor Daisy Benson goes into greater detail and Green Party member Adrian Windisch offers his support.

Ann Quinn, Director of Social Work Studies at the University of Reading, said "I know we have good programmes, strong links with local partner agencies and with people who use services, and very committed students. The university has a responsibility to local social work services and service users, and must reconsider its decision."


For full coverage of the events which have rocked Reading since the death of Child T and the continuing political fallout, go to the Special Report on Children's Services in Reading (see sidebar).


  1. Once again you twist things, I didnt offer my support but wrote about the same subject at the same time. It was after all in yesterdays newspaper.

    Your blog would be more interesting if it wasnt so desperately pro LD.

  2. Adrian, you say you're no supporting the Lib Dem campaign but there is there a link to the group Daisy set-up on Facebook in your article.

    So I can see why Oranjepan said what she/he did.

    Not sure why the other party's aren't interesting in this issue.

    I suspect SHSC's fate is sealed, as the dept. of Physics was :(

  3. Adrian,
    you've signed the online petition, have you not?


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