Thursday, 19 February 2009

Call-in Success

Following the decision to make use of the 'call-in' procedure for the first time, opposition councillors have shown that they now have the teeth to hold the minority Labour administration to account.

Labour had proposed to increase the public subsidy to the managers of South Reading Leisure Centre in Whitley by £72,000, but the additional scrutiny has secured assurances over marketing to ensure visitor numbers return to a more viable level.

Cllr Graeme Hoskins, lead councillor for culture and sport, said he was "extremely disappointed" that he was asked to justify the decision and modify his plans.


  1. Wow - secured assurances about additional scrutiny and marketing. Bet they puffed their chests out over that.

    Restores ones faith in a vibrant, robust democracy.

    Get real.

  2. Isn't that better than being forced to pay to roll over and have your belly tickled? Especially when you've got indigestion.

    This is indicative of a major shift in power and is an effective shot across Labour's bows warning them that they can't have everything their own way - just as Cllr Ruhemann discovered to his cost.

    It is also a warning about any potential administration formed by another party.

  3. errr, don't get the metaphor; really lame.

    It's not what was done, it's the 'we held them to account' fiesta which amounts to 'assurances about scrutiny' - wow!

    In political circles this doesn't amount to a bucket of warm spit, but if you think it will wow them on the doorstep, go ahead and make your case - "We told the Labour Group that you can't take us for granted anymore...or anyone else for that there...." It's laughable that you take this seriously as a political position.


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